Test Video: Image – YouTube – Vimeo Slider

The following videos are from YouTube, the later two, I have selected were created using www.blender.org an Open Source 3D Animation software product of great capability, similar to Maya and 3D Studio that we used to use at Big Kahuna Productions in Maui.  The first one is in 4K UHD…  but will play on 1080 HD screens at 1080 HD res…… Read more →

test audio

MP3   (DiagSymphony –  I have Digital Rights rights for this  Music) Gordon Kraft text to speech for Fred 2000 QAPlus – done on Apple Macintosh Using the voice Fred for Text to Speech, had to customize certain words to sound right, like “QA Plus” split the word QAPlus into two words for Fred to get right…done in 1992… Fred was… Read more →