Time for Peace

The world is once again at regional war.  Ukraine and Gaza areas are in dispute, because of religion, oil and gas reserves, greed, and thousand year + of wars.  The Vikings made Kiev Ukraine a major trading city because they knew TRADE was more profitable, National Geographic has a book called VIKINGS available – my mother had a copy…  She was of Viking – Scottish ancestors and I have shared many examples here on the internet.  She had asked me to finish her effort of the genealogy of our family tree.  This research began at least by 1951…  I spent from 2004 until now, continuing her research effort.  I found many alarming information results on ancestry.com from her efforts…  Then I figured I might disprove some of the information by matching Photo’s to art works and Statues…  THEY MATCHED!


I decided from this research to use www.talkstory.com to “talk story” or “tell my story” for this I needed to provide a method to share GEDCOM (the industry File Format standard) in PDF format.  That works, then I added Video’s from Vimeo and YouTube to talkstory.com along with normal Text blog posts…  Now I need to add secure MultiUser Accounts, SEO, and so forth.   That is where I will need to add PHP, SQL, Cloud features.  Multi User Login.

For this I will need assistance.

Joss William Conqueror - Kraft Matilda Flanders


Relationship between William the Conqueror of Normandy & Gordon Henry Kraft

videos of related info




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