York GEDCOM of Mom

after 92-97 DiagSoft Maui, I was a believer of Aloha.

I then founded a new Internet Software company in Marco Island, Fl. I named this new company Artificial, Inc.

this was my Business Plan overview: Artificial99a


Kraft Ancestors Keynote Presentation


I created a Hone Digital Theater the GHK Library – a Artificial Digital Library name AiLibrary(tm) The AiDigital Library contained Internet Lab, HD Digital Theater, Boardroom, and a Bar like the Admirals Club in AirPorts. One area in the AiLibrary was the Family Tree…




AiLibrary tree Artificial Inc


An example of Gedcom to PDF insert . Relationship Chart Mildred Ottiellie Joss : Geoffrey Plantagenet ARCHBISHOP YORK

Relationship Chart Mildred Ottiellie Joss:Geoffrey Plantagenet ARCHBISHOP YORK

and some others of interest:

Relationship Chart Mildred Ottiellie Joss:Henry Plantagenet Bishop Winchester Beaufort

Relationship Chart Samuel Hugh Kraft:Richard Lionheart England Plantagenet

Relationship Chart Mildred Ottiellie Joss:William II Conqueror

Relationship Chart Mildred Ottiellie Joss:WILLIAM I ORANGE CONQUEROR ENGLAND

 my father the grandson of Matilda Flanders and mother is the granddaughter of William I Orange Conqueror of England

Joss William Conqueror - Kraft Matilda FlandersJoss William Conqueror - Kraft Matilda FlandersJoss William Conqueror - Kraft Matilda Flanders

Relationship Chart Mildred Ottiellie Joss:Matilda of Flanders

Kraft Lunenburg is H O Kraft foods link

Kraft Stauffer Mennonite Church – GAMEO

Waterloo County (Ontario, Canada) – GAMEO

Kraft Sir William Braveheart Wallace

Relationship Chart 259 Anna:Guillaume I Long Sword Normandy


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